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T101     Environmental Taxation and Regional Inequality in China - WANG Jingxu

T102     Effects of food consumption and dietary trends over 1980-2010 on air pollution in China: A significant diet-related health risk - TAI Amos

T103     Toward a better understanding of regional air pollution: 2000 km transect VOC measurement in China - ZHU Liang

T104     Significance of Domestic vs. International Shipping in Air Quality Management and Public Health Protection in China - ZHANG Yiqi

T105     Elucidating the key process modulating ozone pollution and potential value of dynamic emission control over northern China - YAN Feifan


T201     Diurnal variation of NO2/VOCs/O3 and correlation of VOC species with O3 near an industrial park in Taiwan - CHEUNG Freeman

T202     The essential role of extreme weather events and biogenic emissions in modulating the ozone formation - GAO Yang

T203     The impact of volatile organic compounds on ozone formation in the suburban area of Shanghai - ZHANG Kun

T204     QA/QC and retrofitting to better performance of continuous real-time ambient VOC monitors - KONG Ping

T205     Hourly measurements of organic molecular markers in urban Shanghai, China: Observation of enhanced formation of secondary organic aerosol during particulate matter episodic periods - HE Xiao

T206     Concurrent Measurements of Nitrate at Urban and Suburban Sites Identify Local Nitrate Formation as a Driver for Urban Episodic PM2.5 Pollution - LI Jinjian

T207     Field observations on the implication of hydroxy diacids and insights into their formation from aliphatic diacids through heterogeneous oxidation - CHENG Yuk Ying

T208     Effect of metal-organic interactions on the oxidative potential of atmospheric particulate matter - LIN Manfei

T209     Photochemical reactions between 1,4-benzoquinone and O2•− - ZHU Mengyu

T210     The impacts of aerosols on ozone via inhibition of photolysis rate - LI Ying

T211     Formation and impacts of gaseous nitrated phenols at Hok Tsui during autumn and winter of 2018 - CHEN Yi


T301     A LES Study of the Transport Processes over Hong Kong Downtown - YAO Lan

T302     Characteristics of Winter Haze Pollution in the Fenwei Plain and the Possible Influence of EU During 1984–2017 - ZHAO Zhijun 

T303     Pollution characteristics and sources identification of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) during winter time in the coastal area of Southeast China - XU Xinbei

T304     Tracking Separate Contributions of Diesel and Gasoline Vehicles to Roadside PM2.5 Through Online Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds and PM2.5 Organic and Elemental Carbon: A Six-Year Study in Hong Kong - WONG Yee Ka

T305     Simultaneous determination of aerosol inorganic and organic nitrogen by thermal evolution and chemiluminescent detection coupled with multivariate curve resolution analysis - YU Xu

T306     A real-time air quality forecasting model based on Long Short-term Memory Neural Network (LSTM) for atmospheric pollutants in Shenzhen - YAN Weilin

T307     Molecular Marker-based source apportionment of PM2.5 by Positive Matrix Factorization at six sampling sites in Hong Kong - CHOW Wing Sze

T308     Observation constrained aromatic emissions in Shanghai, China - YAN Rusha

T309     Fireworks Emission Estimation and the Forecast of Its Impact on Air Quality - FAN Shidong

T310     Identification of Nitro-aromatic Compounds Derived from Lignin Pyrolysis Products Using UPLC-Orbitrap MS in Urban Guangzhou, China - CHENG Yuhuang

T311     Formation mechanism of persistent ozone episode in Pearl River Delta during a heat wave event: role of VOC emissions from Vegetation - WANG Haolin

T312     Estimations of nss-SO42- and NO3- wet depositions over East Asia by using ensemble machine learning method - LU Xingcheng

T313     Prediction and optimization of indoor air pollutant via back propagation neural network-based particle swarm optimizer algorithm - LI Lu

T314     Data fusion of ground observations and CMAQ-ADMS model simulations to improve air quality forecast - ZHANG Yumiao

T315     Study of Volatile Organic Compounds Transportation Patterns Through Three-Dimensional Measurements During Photochemical Ozone Episodes in Hong Kong - LEE Howun

T316     Hourly Measurements of Organic Molecular Markers in Urban Shanghai, China: Primary Organic Aerosol Source Identification and Observation of Cooking Aerosol Aging - WANG Qiongqiong

T317     Impacts of atmospheric degradation on the global budget of levoglucosan: implications for its use as a biomass burning tracer - LI Yumin

T318     Emission characteristics and critical influencing factors of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from biomass Boilers - SHI Ruidan 

T319     Investigating the effect of wildfire on air pollution in southeastern U.S. in November 2016 - GUAN Shuhui 

T320     High resolution traffic-based real-time adjustment of urban air-pollution prediction - HOHENBERGER Tilman Leo

T321     Evaluation of the Meteorology-driven and Emission-driven Effects of Long-term Air Quality Variation of Hong Kong - SONG Yushan

T322     CBFSM: An Unsupervised Hybrid Model of Region Segmentation to Post-process CMAQ - WANG Meilan

T323     Development and application of a hybrid long-short term memory – three dimensional variational technique for the improvement of PM2.5 forecasting - CHEN Yiang

T324     Atmospheric Teleconnection Processes Linking Winter Air Stagnation and Haze Extremes in China with Regional Arctic Sea Ice Decline - Yufei ZOU


T401     Cardiorespiratory Risk of Ambient Volatile Organic Compounds: A Time-series Study in Taipei, Taiwan - QIU Hong

T402     Does habitual physical activity exacerbate the impacts of air pollution on the risk of mortality? A longitudinal cohort study - GUO Cui

T403     Reduced ambient PM2.5, better plasma glucose level, and decreased risk of type 2 diabetes in adults: a longitudinal cohort study - BO Yacong

T404     Combined Effects of Chronic PM2·5 Exposure and Habitual Physical Activity on Renal Function and Chronic Kidney Disease: A Longitudinal Cohort Study - ZENG Yiqian

T405     Evaluating the Hong Kong Air Quality Health Index as a Risk Communication Tool - TANG Tasha

T406     Correcting Exposure Errors from Environmental Surrogates - CHE Wenwei

T407     Time course of blood oxygen saturation responding to short-term fine particulate matter among elderly healthy subjects and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - XIA Xi

T408     Particulate matter exposure to waiting passenger during rush hour at typical bus stops in Guangzhou - ZHONG Hui

T409     Quantification of Variability in Human Exposure to Air Pollution in Hong Kong - FREY H. Christopher

T410     Variability of personal exposure to fine particulate matter across selected microenvironments - HOSSAIN Md Shakhaoat

T411     Health Impact of Global Atmospheric Arsenic: 2005-2015 - ZHANG Lei


T501     Global changes in formaldehyde (HCHO) columns observed from space during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic - ZHU Lei

T502     The Effect of Air Pollution on COVID-19 Transmission in China - TANAKA Takanao

T503     The Short-term Impacts of COVID-19 Lockdown on Urban Air Pollution in China - PAN Yuhang

T504     Meteorological and anthropogenic effects on pollution in China during the COVID-19 lockdown period - LIN Changqing

T505     Hourly Organic Tracer-based Source Apportionment of PM2.5 before and during the Covid-19 lockdown: A Case Study in Rural Shanghai - WANG Shan

T506     A Novel Log-scale Objective Function in Multiple Linear Regression Model for Atmospheric Concentration Data - LIAO Kezheng

T507     A new method to determine the atmospheric carbonyl compounds using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) - XU Yang

T508     Statistical Prediction, Modeling and Temporal Analysis of NO2 Concentration within Greater Bay Area during recent Five-Year Plans and COVID-19 pandemic - MAK Hugo Wai Leung

T509     Implementation of SO2 Control Policies In China with Satellite-based Compliance Monitoring - YAN Xiaoxi 

T510     Real-time Gas Monitoring Platform with Sensor Array - MA Miao

T511     Application of VOCProbe in VOCs Pollution Control - XUE Jiajie

T512     A Testing on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for an Office and Semi-public Space - LAM Tsz Kai

T513     Assessing Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 Emissions in China’s Provinces via Satellite Data - FAN Guanna

T514     Development of Sensor Network for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring in Sustainable Smart Campus Practice - TAN Youru